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This is what most people are used to from an IT solution provider. This is a charge by the hour service.


This offering is geared towards emergency service or residential clients.

Managed Services

This is our main focus as a company. Managed Services (as defined by us) is the process of providing constant preventative maintenance and upkeep of all systems including (but not limited to) Workstations, Servers, Backups (online or removable media), Printers (including, ink and paper replacement), and providing help desk support to yourself and/or your employees.

The goal of Managed Services is twofold. First, this option is all encompassing it will provide a complete solution to any IT needs. This places all the responsibility on ARCit and frees up valuable time for your employees to focus on their jobs and not on IT. Second, the key to avoiding outages or downtime is constant upkeep, which is provided for in this package and already included in the price. 

‚ÄčManaged Services is geared towards small business which may not have a dedicated IT administrator or staff, but wish they did. Small businesses have real IT problems and we want to provide them a solution.

This offering does not have a per hour charge for most issues. It generally provides for an unlimited hour per month usage of our service, and generally provides online and phone support as needed.

PULASKI, NY | 315-341-8123 |